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The Myths and Misconceptions About Pest Control

There are plenty of myths and misconceptions surrounding the pest control industry. The truth is that it is effective, necessary for public health and safe. The key is working with a pest exterminator who understands the industry and has access to the best technology. The first step in a London pest control service is an inspection. This allows the exterminator to identify the pest type and severity of the infestation. Based on this, he will choose the appropriate treatment.

Whether it’s a wasp’s nest or bed bugs, mice or cockroaches, gulls or nuisance birds – urban areas like London have problems with a multitude of pests that are drawn to the dense population and available food sources. Rats, flies, ants, bed bugs and clothes moths are all common pests found in London homes. These pests aren’t there because people are dirty or don’t care about their surroundings. They are there because of the availability of food, shelter and water.

The best way to avoid pests is by regularly implementing preventative measures at home and commercial properties. This includes keeping food and rubbish in sealed containers, removing bird feeders from rooftops and making sure that doors and windows are closed at night. It also means checking regularly for signs of pests – gnawed or chewed edges on boxes, bags and jars; droppings and bad smells are clear indicators.

If you do spot any of these, it’s important to contact a pest controller as soon as possible. London pest control companies will have the tools, knowledge and experience to quickly identify the pest, advise on proofing and implement the right treatments to eradicate them.

The most popular pests to call in for are rodents – mice, rats and squirrels. These pests love to live in loft spaces, wall cavities and gaps under floors where they can easily find shelter and a warm place to breed. They can cause severe damage to buildings and contents by chewing wires, cabling and woodwork. The damage they cause can also be expensive to repair, and many insurers will not cover the costs of repairs.

Another popular pest to call in for is pigeons and other nuisance birds. These are often attracted to food waste and can scavenge through bins, causing mess and leaving droppings behind. Bird droppings are a source of diseases and can also trigger respiratory illnesses in humans.

A good London pest control company will remove the birds and their nests and then carry out a targeted spraying or fogging of the area. This will eliminate the pests and keep them away in future.

For more information on London pest control, contact the team at Bon Accord today. They are a leading pest control company in the UK and have the knowledge and expertise to protect businesses and homes from a variety of unwanted pests. For more information about the services they offer, click here.

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