FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 16, 2013

Toxic Boehner: GOP Group Will Withhold Endorsement of Candidates Unless They Pledge to Oppose Boehner’s reelection as Speaker

National Republican Trust Calls for New Speaker After 2014 Election

The National Republican Trust PAC announces a new standard for candidates receiving support in the upcoming election:

Republican candidates must pledge to oppose John Boehner for reelection as Speaker of the House when the new Congress convenes following the 2014 election. The PAC will only endorse and support candidates who pledge to oppose Boehner if he seeks another term as Speaker of the House. The PAC’s new pledge follows Speaker Boehner’s recent attacks on conservative organizations that opposed the Ryan/Murray budget agreement and that were divisive and unnecessary, especially considering the bill that passed the House replaced real budget cuts with Washington style tentative cuts that were even much smaller than the Sequester it replaced.

John Stone, a Republican candidate for Georgia’s 12th District against vulnerable incumbent Democrat John Barrow, is the first candidate in the country to publicly endorse the National Republican Trust PAC call for new House Leadership. “We don’t need to win the current civil war within the GOP, we need to end it and reunite the Republican party under true conservative principles again,” Stone says. “For that we need a fresh new leadership team and a new political strategy that pulls us together instead of apart, and gives the voters a defined and dynamic new conservative agenda to be for, instead of just running against the Democrat platform.” Stone’s establishment Republican opponent has publicly stated he will not oppose current GOP House leadership.

National Republican Trust PAC Executive Director, Scott Wheeler, stated that “Boehner seems to have forgotten that it was conservatives in the 2010 election that made his speakership possible, those voters were fed up with the political establishment and demanded change. But Boehner didn’t deliver.  He prefers to sit in the big chair and maintain the status quo.”

The National Republican Trust PAC is one of the largest conservative political action committees and has been the leader in the strategy of the conservative comeback.

For press inquiries contact: Scott Wheeler, 202-441-9276


For Immediate Release: November 15, 2013
Stone Campaign Passes $100,000 Contributions Milestone
AUGUSTA, GA – John Stone (R-Ga12) has now raised $100,000 in campaign contributions this election cycle. Stone for Congress donations totaled $100,087 as of November 14, 2013 deposits.  This fundraising milestone shows that Mr. Stone has the broad base of support required to win the Republican primary and defeat John Barrow. Donations have been received from over 1,200 individual donors.

Contact: Megan Seda 912.335.3193
Paid for by the Committee to Elect John Stone

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