Stone Says No to U.S. Military Intervention in Syria

(AUGUSTA, GA) – The United States is all stocked up on Middle Eastern wars, and should refrain from an unprovoked attack on Syria for suspected use of sarin gas, according to Congressional Candidate John Stone (R-GA12).

“The President is attempting to use Congress as a scapegoat for the Administration’s foreign policy failure, and we should not allow the unilateral actions of the President drag America into another war,” says Stone, a former newsman and senior congressional staffer.   “The President drew his now infamous  ‘line in the sand’’ over the suspected use of sarin gas without consulting the House and Senate leadership of both political parties, and now that he finds himself in an untenable position, he demands that Congress back his tough talk.   Before a President makes these statements, he should have that consensus in place.”

Stone says regardless of the timing, military action against Syria by the United States is not warranted unless additional hard evidence is presented that demands American intervention.  “There are reports of outrageous atrocities by both sides in this civil war, and strong evidence that Al Qaeda could benefit from our weakening of the Assad regime.  There are too many other unanswered questions for us to mount an unprovoked attack on Syria.”

Stone says that even if military intervention is warranted on humanitarian grounds, it should not have to be the United States leading those efforts.  “The majority of neighboring Middle Eastern nations say they support our attack on Syria – so why don’t they attack?  We are all stocked up on Middle East military intervention at present, and cannot continue forcing American taxpayers to bear the brunt of the world’s defense costs.   It is past time for other nations to start doing their share, especially when the conflict is in their backyard, not ours.”

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