Stone Calls for Primary Debates

Stone Welcomes Allen to Primary, Issues District-wide Debate Challenge

(AUGUSTA, GA) – Republican U.S. House Candidate John Stone today welcomed Rick Allen to the race against incumbent Democrat John Barrow, and immediately challenged Allen to a series of broadcast debates around the 12th Congressional district.

“We welcome Mr. Allen to the race, with great hopes that our contest will stimulate early public interest in why it is so important to win this seat away from John Barrow in November 2014,” says Stone.

“It now appears that we may be the only two Republican candidates. This would avoid a runoff after the general primary, and that would be a good thing for the cause. It is important that voters get a good taste of where we stand on the major issues, and there is no better way to accomplish that than with frequent broadcast debates in depth on the challenges facing our district and nation.”

Stone today challenges Allen to debate in a mutually agreed format and date in July on immigration; September on Obamacare and healthcare; November on the new interstate proposals for the 12th District; and January on Social Security and the federal budget.

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