Health_HeaderObamacare has been a disaster for the American People. Yet John Barrow has continued to stand with Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama by voting against its repeal 27 times. Obamacare cannot be repaired; it must be repealed and stopped entirely. Employees and employers across our district are already seeing skyrocketing premium notices due to this horrible law. Employers nationwide are being forced to slash employee and retiree health benefits. I will introduce an alternative TRUE CONSERVATIVE health care reform bill when I am elected.

Jobs & Economy

The best thing the federal government can do to stimulate the economy is get out of the way of the private sector. American exceptionalism is being smothered by an avalanche of red-tape and regulations. I will fight to remove burdensome restrictions on businesses to allow the private sector to flourish and create jobs.

In our district, I will fight for infrastructure improvements that fall within the scope of constitutional federal powers. I will revive the I-14 and I-81 Interstate projects that would create vital transportation routes for commerce and national defense. I will fight the Obama administrations ridiculous opposition to new nuclear reactors that threatens the energy independence of our district and nation. I will protect our military bases and work to secure new missions for our bases that are critical to national defense.

Government Spending

The future of our nation is at risk. Congress has taken out a mortgage on the American Dream to fund a plethora of unnecessary and unconstitutional federal programs and agencies. As your congressman, it would be my top priority to restore the fiscal responsibility in Washington, D.C.
•    Support a Balanced Budget Amendment
•    Eliminating Wasteful and Unsuccessful Programs and Agencies
•    Eliminate Unconstitutional Programs and Agencies, such as the Department of Education
•    Prioritize the Federal Budget According to the Powers and Responsibilities granted by the Constitution.

Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights to Keep and Bear Arms

Shooting_InstructionGeorge Mason said “To disarm the people [is] the best and most effective way to enslave them.” We need to elect members of Congress who are willing to start introducing aggressive legislation in support of gun rights or our 2nd Amendment Right to keep and bear arms will be gradually eroded into non-existence.

Securing our Borders and Enforcing Our Immigration Law

stone_20on_20borderThe United States must secure our borders. This is necessary to protect national security as well as jobs for Americans. We need to secure our workplace to end the jobs-magnet for illegal immigration.   We need the states to certify that this has been done, NOT the federal government which has a decades-long track record of unreliability on this issue.

When those two goals are certified and met by the states, THEN we can deal with those already here illegally. That solution should not involve the straw-man argument that those opposed to amnesty intend to immediately round-up and deport 11 million people, but it also cannot include amnesty that makes a mockery of our Rule of Law. We must begin a vigorous enforcement of existing law; with common-sense approaches we can turn around the nightmare of illegal immigration.

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